Vendor Info (2012)

Current list of 2012 vendors.

  • Camille’s On Wheels
    • Menu: Latin Fare w/ Cilantro Rice, Quinoa-Rice-Black Beans Salad
  • Channel808
    • *** Brown Rice donations accepted here
  • Common Grains
    • Menu: Hot Omusubi: Made to order with new crop rice from Japan; Any one vegetable filling ume or takuan, Meat filling; Japanese Curry Rice
  • Curry King
    • Menu: Curry & Rice; Mochi Fried Rice; Katsu Musubi
  • Dr. Maria Stewart, Professor of Nutrition
  • Ev’ryting Taste Betta Wit, LLC
  • Genki Sushi Ward Centers
    • Menu: Inari (2pcs), California Roll (2pcs), Spicy Tuna Handroll, California Handroll, Spicy Tuna Bowl
  • The Girls Who Bake Next Door
    • Menu: Mochi: bod-bod butter mochi (butter mochi on top, mochi rice on the bottom), butter mochi, and poi mochi; Cupcakes: chocolate toffee peanut butter, red velvet, and pumpkin; Cookies: chocolate chip with macadamia nuts, oatmeal raisin, and oatmeal coconut chocolate chip
  • Hawaii Panel
  • Hawaii’s Fried Musubi
    • Menu: Fried Spam Musubis, Mama’s Fried Chicken Combo, Fried Hawaiian Style Ahi, Fried desserts (oreos, red velvet cupcakes, twinkies), Specialty drinks (home-made plantation iced-tea, and pineapple infused iced tea)
  • Kakaako Kitchen
    • Menu: Famous Kaka’ako Kitchen Fried Rice w/ Korean Style Beef, Coconut Scented Black Rice with Lemongrass Chicken
  • Kinkaid’s Ward
    • Menu: Salmon Risotto: Hearts of palm, crimini mushrooms, parmesan cheese, parsley, red wine gastrique; Pinapple Fried Rice with Pork Belly: Peas carrots, celery, sambal, green onion
  • Lanakila Pacific
    • *** Brown Rice and monetary donations accepted here
  • Lundberg Family Farms / Aloha Natural Brokers
    • Menu: Single-serve Rice Chips
  • Ninja Sushi
    • Menu: Shoyu Ahi Poke w/ Rice, Spicy Ahi Poke w/ Rice
  • Oceanic Time Warner Cable
    • *** Brown Rice donations accepted here
  • Ono Pops
    • Menu: Fresh local handmade Hawaiian popsicles
  • Shigalicious
    • Menu: Spam Musubi, Shave Ice, Gotterbi, Gotter Balls
  • Shogunai Tacos
    • Menu: Osaka Jo, Japanese Pork Taco; Zeus’ Glory, Greek Lamb Taco; Salad de Casbah, Rice, with Tuna, Corn, Cumin, and Spicy Bacon; Damascus, Vegetarian Hummus Tacos; South of the Border, Mexican Ground Beef Taco; Ceylon, Spicy Sri Lankan, beef taco; Curry spiced beef with jalapeno, kimchee, and grilled onion; Moroccan Pomme Frites
  • SolarCity
  • Summer’s LavaDogs
  • Tango Market
    • Menu: Fried Rice w/ Braised Beef; Risotto w/ Garlic Shrimp; Danish Rice Pudding w/ Berry Compote; Hawaii Book of Rice
  • VH07V Apparel
    • Menu: Official 2012 Rice Fest Shirt (see below). *** Brown Rice donations accepted here.


    Be a Vendor!

    This one-day event is expected to draw in thousands of people. They’ll bring their appetites, as well as a curiosity of rice and great tasting food in general. Having your business included in the upcoming Rice Festival event will expose your business, services, and products to the food savvy audiences, families, and people of all demographics who simply just love to eat! Limited sponsorship opportunity and vendor booths are available.

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