Jody Kamisato & the the Ukulele Super Kids

Jody Kamisato and the Ukulele Super Kids

Jody Kamisato, an ukulele virtuoso and owner/instructor of Ukulele Hale in Kaimuki, leads a young group of `Ukulele Super Kids between the ages of 10 and 17 as a traveling performance troop. Teaching them not only `ukulele playing techniques, but also showmanship and stage presence. Most importantly, Jody teaches these amazingly talented children the ways of being a responsible adult, staying true to oneself and spreading Aloha around the world through their love of music.

Ukulele Hale
`Ukulele Hale is a place that enriches the lives of students of all ages and skill levels through a fun, positive, personal experience in an at-home atmosphere that is comfortable and relaxing hence the reference to “Hale” or house in the name of their Kaimuki-based studio.

Located in the Kaimuki Professional Building at 1109 12th Avenue in Suite 203,`Ukulele Hale is open Monday through Friday from 12pm-8pm and Saturday from 9:30 am through 4:30 pm. They are closed on Sunday. For information on classes or to enroll call (808) 258-7237 or email at or visit their web site at

Jody Kamisato & the Ukelele Super Kids will be opening this year’s Rice Fest at 10:05am. Click here for a complete schedule.