Karlie Goya

Karlie Goya

Like most kids growing up in Hawaii, Karlie Goya was introduced to the ukulele at a young age as “something to do,” and quickly fell in love with the little four-stringed instrument. Karlie has been taking ukulele lessons for almost 3 years at the Ukulele Hale Studio in Kaimuki and credits her teacher Micah Ganiron for “bringing out her voice” and founder, Jody Kamisato for his guidance.

Karlie at the age of 14, has won numerous ukulele/vocal competitions such as the prestigious Ukulele International Contest , Duke’s Ukes, and the 2015 Brown Bags to Stardom. Karlie performs a wide range of genres such as traditional/contemporary Hawaiian, Pop, R&B, and Japanese which can be viewed on her YouTube channel. Karlie’s unique soulful voice surprises many the first time they hear her.

Karlie is currently writing originals with the goal of releasing an EP in the near future. Follow Karlie on social media to stay updated on her musical journey: karliegoya.com, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube.

Karlie will be performing at 7pm at this year’s Rice Fest. Click here for a complete schedule.